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Game Server Settings

FinestMU Classic | Play to Earn Real Cash!
A Revolutionary Classic experience where you can enjoy and old content created by the well talented and experienced developers in the field of MMORPG featuring professional technical supports.

Massive Classic MU
No Pay to Win Features
No Item Donation
Real Cash Prizes on Event
Community Driven Economy
Well Managed Server

[Image: 1.png]

[Image: yavKdab%202.png]

[Image: yavKdab%203.png]
Version: Season 1 (Progressing)
Exp Rate: 2%
Drop Rate: 10%
Jewel Rate: 1%
Excellent Rate: 1%
Max Plus: +13
Max Item Opt: +16
Max Excellent Opt: 2
Max Item: Dark Pheonix
Spots: 2 mob per spots (spots in almost all maps)

[Image: yavKdab%204.png]
➠ MU Helper - available from level 40
The [MU Helper] is an in-game feature which allows a character to attack monsters automatically! This feature is fully customizable, and can be useful to enhance your monster slaying effectiveness. Most importantly, the [MU Helper] can be used to level up a character without actually playing! Meaning, you can go "AFK" ("away from keyboard") and still kill monsters!

➠ Reconnect + AutoHelper + AntiDisconnect
The reconnection system prevents you from wasting time, when reconnecting, activate your Helper automatically so you don't lose level or hunt.

➠ Monster HP Bar
The monster bar indicates the level and current life of the mob you are targeting.

➠ Item Protect + AntiDelete (/unlock)
Thanks to the Unlock system, your account will be protected against theft of items, and the deletion of your characters or guilds, allows you to customize what you want to lock and unlock. In this way, you can lend your account to play Castle Sieges, or go hunting bosses with the assurance that that person will not steal or erase anything. The PIN is set when you create your account, it is a 4-digit code that you should not share with anyone.
type /lock (your pin password) and to unlock type /unlock

➠ Auto Join Party System (joinparty)
Auto accept party requests, you can set it free for everyone, or with password. If you set a password only players who have the party password can enter your party. Players who are in OffAttack mode always accept requests.
type /setparty (your passowrd) and to join type /joinparty

➠ Auto Add Points Easily
you can add easily with your level points type
/addstr 100
/addagi 100
/addvit 100
/addene 100

➠ Market System
Syncronized Map Only for people who wants to buy and sell, Join Loren Market from any Channels yet still can see each other!

➠ PK Drop System
20% Chance to Drop the Items from Murderers/Outlaw at any Levels!

➠ Support Resolutions 640x480~1920x1080 wide
Resolutions available from the smallest 640x480 to HD 1920x1080, all WideScreen resolutions are available.

➠ 3D Cam + Zoom + Rotation  [F9/on F10/off]
camera with zoom and rotation, ideal for viewing with more range, or for capturing. In addition, when using it, it hardly consumes FPS.

➠ Minimizer + Tray Icon + Reduce CPU/GPU/RAM [F12]
The window minimizer is activated with F12, by minimizing the game you will be able to visualize a Tray Icon that indicates the character's race, his level, his master level, and his current map. In addition, you will be notified when one of your characters dies. Finally and best of all, is that when you minimize the game with the F12 key the main consumption goes to 0%, incredible, your PC will be totally relieved for what you have to do in it.

➠ Mini Maps
TAB button gives you a chance to view a minimap instead of a full screen view that covers the whole game view.

[Image: yavKdab%205.png]
➠ Cash Points System
- Obtainable via in-game / exclusive events
- Can be exchanged into Real Cash/Peso with 1:1 Ratio
- Minimum amount to Redeem is 1,000
- Account that has Level 400 Character is required
- Gcash/BDO/BPI/Paypal is required

➠ Activity Points System
- Activity Points are gained and ranked weekly
- Top Activity Point earners will receive Finest Points accordingly
- Activity Points Ranking Resets every week

➠ Activity Points Configuration:
Online Hours = 1hr = 1 Point
Devil Square (Any Levels) = 5 Points
Chaos Castle (Any Levels) = 5 Points
Blood Castle (Any Levels) = 5 Points
Voting (Every 12 Hours) = 5 Point Each
In Game Snake Hunt (Every 3 Hours) = 1 Point Each Kill

➠ Mothly Activity System Rewards:
▶Top 1 Active Player = 1,000 Finest Points
▶Top 2 Active Player = 550 Finest  Points
▶Top 3 Active Player = 350 Finest  Points
▶Top 4 Active Player = 200 Finest Points
▶Top 5 Active Player = 150 Finest Points
Top 6 - 10 Active Player = 100 Finest Points

➠ Finest Points System
- Likely the in-game Market Currency
- Can be used to buy and sell items in-game
- Can be exchanged into Cash Points
Disclaimer: Finest Points are likely only used to prevent Scam attempts and Bad Transactions.
You are likely can recharge Finest Points to trade items in game and exchange it into Cash Points whenever you are ready to claim it.
Buyers can use Finest Points to buy wanted items from in game sellers (Players)
Sellers can Earn Finest Points by selling unwanted items and convert it to Cash Points that can redeem into Peso.

[Image: yavKdab%206.png]
- Maximum Connection per HWID/PC: 3
- Maximum Connection per IP: 10

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